Zee Sweet® Fruit Retailers

The following document is designed specifically for Retailers of Zee Sweet® stonefruits.

Promoting Zee Sweet®

Quality control through the supply chain is monitored throughout the harvest season.

Zee Sweet is to be packaged and presented in uniform and consistent boxes and trays, with a distinctive fruit sticker, allowing a high level of consumer recognition.


Point-of-Sale Material

A range of quality point-of-sale merchandising material is available from Zee Sweet, all designed to encompass the brandıs colour scheme and logo, once again allowing a high level of consumer awareness.

Items available to assist merchandising include:
A3 price display cards
A2 colour posters
Consumer information leaflets

This material will be available from your fruit market agent or by contacting Zee Sweet Pty Ltd.


Peaches and nectarines

Zee Sweet® peaches and nectarines have been specially bred to be very sweet while still firm, almost crisp in texture.

No longer do consumers have to wait until the fruit is soft to enjoy the delicious flavour. At last your customer can put a ready-to-eat peach or nectarine in the lunch box, briefcase or handbag without the problem of it squashing or bruising... and both have the advantage of superb new flavour and sweetness.

More detailed information on Zee Sweet® peaches and nectarines can be found in the cultivars section.


Pluot® interspecific plums

Pluot® is the registered trademark name of new plum/apricot crosses that have been conventionally bred to incorporate all the positive attributes of plums and apricots.

While they look like and have the feel of traditional plums, Pluots are much sweeter and do not have the 'tart' taste. This has been replaced with the softness and aroma of the very best of apricots.

Traditional plums will have a brix* range of approximately 12-17 while Pluots® when fully ripe will have a brix in the order of minimum 16 through to 25 or higher.

Retailers should seek an assurance from their wholesaler as to the actual brix level of Pluot® fruit offered for sale.

More information on Zee Sweet® Pluots® can be found in the cultivars section.

* Brix is a measurement of natural fruit sugars.


Care of your Zee Sweet® product

It is important to be aware that Zee Sweet brand fruit should be eaten firm and sweet to be at its optimum and, as with all stonefruit, storage temperature is critical to the eating quality of the product.

Don't leave Zee Sweet peaches and nectarines in your coolroom until they soften. This will decrease the quality of flavour and flesh texture.

Zee Sweet varieties have been bred to be ripe when still firm and should be eaten at this stage, so remember
Eat, firm and sweet.

The fruit should feel firm but with a slight 'give' when held in the whole hand, not the fingertips.

This chart illustrates the optimum storage and ripening temperatures for Zee Sweet® stonefruits.
This information is shown with the kind permission of the California Tree Fruit Agreement publishers of The Peach, Plum and Nectarine Book.

Note that domestic household refrigerators are rarely within the safe ranges for storage or ripening of stonefruit.


Advise your customers - how to store Zee Sweet® fruit at home

Zee Sweet sold in supermarkets and fruit shops is in the process of ripening. To continue this process in the home (to the consumers desired ripeness) it is advisable to place Zee Sweet fruit in a loosely closed paper bag and leave out of the refrigerator until ripe (see ripeness indication comments above).

Ripened fruit may then be kept in the refrigerator crisper for a day or two until consumed.

But remember that the unique flavour of Zee Sweet fruit is at its best when it is at room temperature and not chilled.


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